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This is a game based around war. This isn't a happy, fluffy world of sweetness and light. War is about death -- people, ideas, dreams, etc.

In 1998, Harry Potter was killed.

In 1999, Voldemort took England and Wales. He was brought to a halt at Hadrian's Wall which now stands as the border between Voldemort controlled England and Wales and the Light controlled Scotland and Northern Ireland.

It's 2003 now, and the war is still being fought, people are dying every day, and no one knows how to bring the war to a halt. Harry Potter is dead, Albus Dumbledore is dead, and many other nameless wizards have fallen over the years...

The Daily Prophet now brings people Voldemort's propaganda. The Quibbler does the same for those on the side of Light. The Ministry of Magic has split in two -- The London Branch is a puppet regime, controlled by Voldemort, The Glasgow Branch is run by a combination of Aurors and Unspeakables. Hogwarts is no longer in use as a school, serving instead as a field hospital and mission launching base. All British children who exhibit signs of magic now are sent to Beauxbatons. Voldemort has reinstated the playing of Quidditch in England and Wales to boost morale, and in the north, unofficial Quidditch games pop up occasionally.

The world has changed in the six years of war, and this game is about those changes. There will be some small bits of mod-controlled plot, but overall this game is about people and how they deal with the war...it's about life and death, love and hate, murder and forgiveness.

The main journal hadrianswall is for members to post owls as well as for the occasional post from the mods in the form of articles from The Daily Prophet or The Quibbler. The OOC journal warverse is for the posting of character bios, plot ideas, random idle chatter. AIM logs can be posted in the OOC or in your characters own journal behind a cut tag.

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