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Hadrian's Wall

No matter how smart you are, or how ready, war is about death

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"It is well that war is so terrible, or we should grow too fond of it."

Game Information:

[ Premise | Timeline | Geography ]

The Rules
1. Your character must update their journal once every three weeks. If for some reason you cannot meet these requirements please contact the mods through email. If your character hasn't updated and we have recieved no notification then your character is in danger of being spontaneously removed and/or replaced if you do not respond to mod emails.

2. No off-topic posts to the community. All off-topic posts and OOC's can be done in warverse which you will also be added to when you're added to the game. All moderator posts will be done there as well.

Any problems, questions, or concerns should be directed to the moderators' e-mail and not posted in the OOC.

3. We don't think it's unreasonable to ask that you have some grasp of your character. If your character consistently acts in a manner that's drastically wrong for them, or you don't seem to have a grasp on who you're playing, you may be removed from the game. If you're here, it's assumed that you've at LEAST read one or two of the books, yes? By drastically out of character, we mean that you wouldn't want to play Snape as someone who loves children and kittens and wants to dye his hair pink. (Unless he was bewitched, of course) Character development and changing attitudes via things that have happened in the game are a different story--they are expected and accepted.

4. This is a very slash-friendly game. Slash is not required, but it is welcome. Slash, if you don't know, is same sex romance/pairings. (Homosexuality) Anyone who has a problem with this is free to leave (or not join in the first place), and any character that attacks another character for this reason will be taken out of the game. Het is just as welcome, of course.

5. 'Adult' role-playing is welcome--swearing, sexual innuendo, sexual situations, and the like. If you're uncomfortable with that, stay out of the comment threads/AIM logs.


Send the following to this email:

Personal Information:
Your Name:
Personal journal (optional):
Your AIM name (optional):
Your Age:
Previous RPG Experience:
Where you heard about Hadrian's Wall:

Character Information:
Character Name:
Character Age:
Character Former House:
Brief Biograghy:
Sample Entry: Only a short paragraph is needed, about 150 words, in order to show the mods that you're capable of correct punctuation and grammar.

You'll generally hear back in 1 to 2 days after applying, but be aware that the mods do have other lives and that sometimes it gets a little hectic. Once you're accepted you'll be sent a character information sheet to fill out specifically for the website.

You must have a journal specifically for your character. The mods may have availble journals but don't hold us to that. You'll have a week to send us your journal name once you've been accepted. If you fail to send it to us in a week, your character will be offered up for applications once more.


-being an animagi/metamorphmagi is a very rare talent and is subject to mod approval.

-Characters are given out on a first come, first serve basis. If your character is already taken, you will be notified and allowed to apply for someone else.

-At this time, we are not accepting original characters.

Taken Characters:
These characters are already in the game. Please do not apply for them.

Former Gryffindors
Euan Abercrombie - euanthebrave
Katie Bell - bellkatie
Seamus Finnigan - maithiunas
Hermione Granger - mudbloodgranger
Angelina Johnson - angiejohnson
Andrew Kirke - older_and_wiser
Parvati Patil - kalaratri
Harry Potter - ghostharry
Alicia Spinnet - spinnet
Bill Weasley - weasleybill
Charlie Weasley - tamingdragons
Fred Weasley - thegoodtwin
George Weasley - twin_gone_bad
Ginny Weasley - weasley_ginny
Percy Weasley - fallenheadboy
Ron Weasley - ron_gone_mad
Oliver Wood - exkeeperwood

Former Hufflepuffs
Hannah Abbott - x_hufflepuff
Susan Bones - former_puffer
Cedric Diggory - ghostcedric
Justin Finch-Fletchley - fletchley
Zacharias Smith - evilchaser
Rose Zeller - rosiezeller

Former Ravenclaws
Terry Boot terryboot_
Cho Chang - changcho
Roger Davies - apathetic_roger
Jason Dorny - j_dorny
Luna Lovegood - alittleloony
Padma Patil - patilpadma

Former Slytherins
Reynard Bole - bole
Millicent Bulstrode - bad_millicent
Tracey Davis - leadingblind
Caleb Derrick - exbeater
Marcus Flint - not_marc
Terence Higgs - exseeker
Draco Malfoy - dracoamalfoy
Giovanni Montague - exchaser
Theodore Nott - nottheir
Pansy Parkinson - idlerich
Adrian Pucey - exchaserpucey
Christian Warrington - justwarrington
Blaise Zabini - slytherinzabini

Erik Flint - hellride (OC)
Bellatrix Lestrange - bellatrixblack
Rabastan Lestrange - mrlestrange
Viktor Krum - misterkrum
Lucius Malfoy - malfoysire
Narcissa Malfoy - malfoypride
Tom Riddle - triddle
Alexander Wood - longsincelost (OC)

Dead Characters:
If you wish to play one of these characters as a ghost, you may apply, but we will be a little stricter with these that anyone else.
Albus Dumbledore
Harry Potter
Severus Snape

Random Stuff:

Icons: We'll happily make icons if the players need them. Simply post a request in the OOC and we'll get to work on them.

Spoilers: Due to the nature of this game, we will contain spoilers for all five books, so read with caution.

Long Posts: For exceptionally long posts, owls, and postings of pictures, please use an LJ Cut Tag. Learn how to do those things here.

Leaving: Either make a post about it in the OOC community, or e-mail the moderators. If you want to give your character's journal to whoever takes over the character, please state that too. Please make sure you REALLY want to leave, because your character will probably be snatched up quickly once you give them up.

All characters in this community are not owned by us. They belong to J.K. Rowling and we're just toying with them. And obviously, these people are not the REAL characters...duh, they don't exist in real life! These are only our interpretations of the characters...no disrespect for the original characters or Miss Rowling's work is intended, and these characters are in no way meant to suggest anything about their original counterparts.