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Hadrian's Wall Mods

Printed in the August 29 issue of The Daily Prophet (late night/early morning edition), on the last page, near the top.

Mudblood Found Near Wall
written by Garett Leialoha

A man identified as Justin Finch-Fletchley, 24, was found on the England side of Hadrian's Wall earlier this evening. The Aurors in charge of the capture confirmed that he was indeed the Hufflepuff student.

Initial reports gave unconfirmed evidence that Finch-Fletchley demanded to be taken to Voldemort, and it has only recently been revealed that the former Hufflepuff did indeed meet with the Dark Lord. He was later seen leaving the Diagon Alley headquarters accompanied by a large dog.

Rumors have begun circulating about the nature of Finch-Fletchley, and Zacharias Smith, the young hufflepuff responsible for the betrayal of Harry Potter, said to this reporter that he possibly heard that Finch-Fletchley knows the way to break the spells over the wall, a tidbit that, if true, could bring this war to a glorious end.

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