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Printed in the August 7 issue of The Daily Prophet (late night/early morning edition), on the very last page at the very bottom in tiny print. It would have been very, very easy to miss.

Body found against secret entrance to Knockturn Alley
written by Eurydice Tunbridge

The entrance to Knockturn alley was previously only know to our Lord and those few who are lucky to be counted among the inner circle. However, it became public knowledge, at least to those residents on this side of the wall, shortly after our Lord completed his take over of London. The entrance though, is still scarcely used, and it has never been the target of violence.

However at roughly four this morning, the Ministry was notified by a concerned resident, Icarus Dopplesung, 98, who reported a suspicious lump leaning against the large gate. Ministry Aurors were sent to investigated and discovered the suspicious lump was in fact a human body.

This reporter had the pleasure of speaking to Christian Warrington, Auror First Class. Naturally, Mister Warrinton couldn't say much, but he did manage to impart that the body appears to have been completely skinned, and that "judging by the amount of blood, it was certainly done while he was still alive." Mister Warrington also stated that it appears that the man (and it is certainly a man, this reporter can attest to that) had his throat slit and a dagger that appear to be made of gold stabbed through his heart after he was skinned.

The Ministry has yet to release the identity of this unfortunate man, and has yet to say who might be responsible for such a blatant show of disrespect for our Lord.

In this reporter's opinion, only those on the north side of the Wall could resort to such cruelty.

Printed in the August 7 issue of The Daily Prophet (mid-morning edition), it's once again located in the same place as the original article and fairly easy to miss.

Body Missing; Beginning of body snatching spree?
written by Euryice Tunbridge

The Ministry has just announced that the body found leaning on the entrance to Knockturn Alley has in fact been stolen. The body had been placed in the forensic department of our Lord's Ministry, pending identification and further investigation. The doctors barely had time to give the dead man an identity before being brutally attacked.

All Ministry personnel are alive and well, though the attending doctor suffered massive bruising on the face and several broken ribs.

The body was identified as one Marcus Ian Flint, 27, a known bounty hunter and mercenary. His identity only solidifies the theory that those who oppose our Lord are responsible for this attack.

There are no official statements as to who could have taken the body, though many are speculating that this may be the beginning of a body snatching ring. The Prophet will keep the public informed.

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